Flag of Sudan

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  • Area: 1,861,484 sq. km (718,723 sq. mi.)
  • Population: 36,729,501 (2016 est.)
  • Population growth rate: 1.69% (2016 est.)
  • Life expectancy: 64.1 years (2016)
  • Languages: Arabic (official), English (official), Nubian, Ta Bedawie, Fur
  • Religions: Sunni Muslim, small Christian minority
  • Formal name: Republic of the Sudan
  • Alternate names: Anglo-Egyptian Sudan, As Sūdān, Es Sūdān el Inglīzi el Masri, Jamhuryat el-Sudan, Jumhūrīyat as Sūdan, Jumhūrīyat as Sūdān ad Dīmuqrāţīyah, Republic of the Sudan, Soudan
  • Government type: presidential republic
  • Leaders: chief of state and head of government: President Umar Hassan Ahmad al-BASHIR
  • Capital: Khartoum
  • Administrative divisions: 18 states
  • GDP per capita (PPP): $4,300 (2015 est.)
  • Exports: gold; oil and petroleum products; cotton, sesame, livestock, peanuts, gum Arabic, sugar
  • Imports: foodstuffs, manufactured goods, refinery and transport equipment, medicines, chemicals, textiles, wheat
  • Currency: Sudanese pound (SDG)

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