Flag of Afghanistan

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  • Area: 652,230 sq. km (251,827 sq. mi.)
  • Population: 33,332,025 (2016 est.)
  • Population growth rate: 2.34% (2016 est.)
  • Life expectancy: 51.3 years (2016)
  • Languages: Afghan Persian or Dari (official) 50%, Pashto (official) 35%, Turkic languages (primarily Uzbek and Turkmen) 11%, 30 minor languages
  • Religions: Muslim 99.7% (Sunni 84.7 - 89.7%, Shia 10 - 15%), other 0.3%
  • Formal name: Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
  • Alternate names: Afghānestān, Da Afghānestān Shāhī Dowlat, De Afghānistān Islāmī Jamhuriyat, Democratic Republic of Afghanistan, Doulat i Jumhouri ye Afghanistan, Dowlat-e Eslāmī-ye Afghānestān, Dowlat-e Pādshāhī-ye Afghānestān, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Islamic St
  • Government type: presidential Islamic republic
  • Leaders: chief of state and head of government: President Ashraf GHANI Ahmadzai
  • Capital: Kabul
  • Administrative divisions: 34 provinces
  • GDP per capita (PPP): $1,900 (2015 est.)
  • Exports: opium, fruits and nuts, handwoven carpets, wool, cotton, hides and pelts, precious and semi-precious gems
  • Imports: machinery and other capital goods, food, textiles, petroleum products
  • Currency: afghani (AFA)

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