Ghulām ‘Alī


Flag of Afghanistan
  • Country: Afghanistan
  • Latitude: 34° 57.05' N (34.95076°)
  • Longitude: 69° 13.72' E (69.2287°)
  • Elevation: 1,489 m/4,885 ft. above sea level
  • Time zone: Asia/Kabul (UTC +04:30); DST not observed
  • Alternate names: Gholām ‘Alī, Gulyamali, Qaryah-ye Shahr-e Now Ghulām ’Alī, Vulusvaliyi-Bagram, Woluswālī-i-Bagṟām, Woluswālī-ye Bagrām, غلام علی, قريه شهر نو غلام علی, ولسوالی بگرام
  • Alternate names: Gholam `Ali, Gholām ‘Alī, Ghulam `Ali, Ghulām ‘Alī, Gulyamali, Qaryah-ye Shahr-e Now Ghulam 'Ali, Qaryah-ye Shahr-e Now Ghulām ’Alī, Vulusvaliyi-Bagram, Woluswali-i-Bagram, Woluswali-ye Bagram, Woluswālī-i-Bagṟām, Woluswālī-ye Bagrām, wlswaly bgram, غلام

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