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Map Products and Services

Looking for a free, high-quality map for your website?
Would you like a colorful and accurate map to illustrate your report?
Do you have data you would like to have mapped?

Stock Maps

Stock maps are the static map images that are displayed on our website (not including the interactive Flash maps or the zoomable Google street maps). If one of them has caught your eye and you would like to use it, we have different policies depending on where the map is displayed:

  • If you are interested in displaying one or two of our maps on a website, find out how you can use them for FREE under certain conditions.
  • If you would like to one of our maps in your presentation, a report, or a publication, you will need to purchase a license. A license is also required to use more than two of our maps on your website. Click here for more information, pricing, and usage restrictions.

Custom Maps

We can also make a map from scratch to meet your specific needs. We specialize in relatively small maps, usually for display on websites, but we can make larger maps as well. We take pride in designing maps that are attractive, informative, and accurate. Our prices are very reasonable - some of our maps as low as $60 - and we do not retain copyright on them, so they can be used and reused as you choose. Click here for more information and ordering instructions.

Printed Maps

We do not make or sell printed maps. For a complete selection of wall maps, folding maps, travel maps, and atlases, click here.

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