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Thematic World Maps

Compare how population density, internet users, oil production, and other types of country-level data vary around the world. Interactive world maps are color-coded to highlight geographical data patterns and when you move your mouse over a country, additional information appears. Below the maps, the countries are listed in alphabetical and rank order.

Arable land and permanent crops
Land area
Age 0-14 years
Birth rate
Death rate
HIV/AIDS adult prevalence rate
Infant mortality rate
Life expectancy at birth
Literacy rate
Median age
Net migration rate
People living with HIV/AIDS
Population density
Population growth rate
Total fertility rate
Current account balance
Electricity consumption
Electricity consumption per capita
Electricity production
External debt
Foreign exchange reserves and gold
GDP per capita (purchasing power parity)
GDP purchasing power parity
GDP real growth rate
Gini index (distribution of family income)
Gross fixed investment
Industrial production growth rate
Inflation rate
Natural gas consumption
Natural gas consumption per capita
Natural gas exports
Natural gas imports
Natural gas production
Oil consumption
Oil consumption per 1,000 people
Oil exports
Oil imports
Oil production
Proved natural gas reserves
Proved oil reserves
Public debt
Unemployment rate
Communications & Transportation
Internet hosts
Internet hosts per 1,000 people
Internet users
Internet users per 1,000 people
Merchant marine (1000 GRT or over)
Mobile cellular telephone subscribers
Mobile phone subscribers per 1,000 people
Telephone main lines in use
Telephone main lines per 1,000 people
Miltary expenditures
Population fit for military service

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