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Saudi Arabia:
Military & Transnational Issues

Flag of Saudi Arabia
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Saudi Arabia Page

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Military branches
Land Forces (Army), Navy, Air Force, Air Defense Force, National Guard, Ministry of Interior Forces (paramilitary)
Military service age and obligation
18 years of age (est.); no conscription (2004)
Manpower available for military service
males age 16-49: 8,547,441
females age 16-49: 6,381,098 (2008 est.)
Manpower fit for military service
Definition - World rank and map
males age 16-49: 7,398,417
females age 16-49: 5,525,357 (2008 est.)
Manpower reaching militarily significant age annually
males age 16-49: 272,046
females age 16-49: 261,991 (2008 est.)
Military expenditures - percent of GDP
Definition - World rank and map
10% (2005 est.)
Disputes - international
Saudi Arabia has reinforced its concrete-filled security barrier along sections of the now fully demarcated border with Yemen to stem illegal cross-border activities; Kuwait and Saudi Arabia continue discussions on a maritime boundary with Iran
Refugees and internally displaced persons
refugees (country of origin): 240,015 (Palestinian Territories) (2007)
Trafficking in persons
current situation: Saudi Arabia is a destination country for workers from South and Southeast Asia who are subjected to conditions that constitute involuntary servitude including being subjected to physical and sexual abuse, non-payment of wages, confinement, and withholding of passports as a restriction on their movement; domestic workers are particularly vulnerable because some are confined to the house in which they work unable to seek help; Saudi Arabia is also a destination country for Nigerian, Yemeni, Pakistani, Afghan, Somali, Malian, and Sudanese children trafficked for forced begging and involuntary servitude as street vendors; some Nigerian women were reportedly trafficked into Saudi Arabia for commercial sexual exploitation
tier rating: Tier 3 - Saudi Arabia does not fully comply with the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking and is not making significant efforts to do so; the government continues to lack adequate anti-trafficking laws and, despite evidence of widespread trafficking abuses, did not report any criminal prosecutions, convictions, or prison sentences for trafficking crimes committed against foreign domestic workers (2008)
Illicit drugs
death penalty for traffickers; improving anti-money-laundering legislation and enforcement

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