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Military & Transnational Issues

Flag of Qatar
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Qatar Page

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Military branches
Qatari Amiri Land Force (QALF), Qatari Amiri Navy (QAN), Qatari Amiri Air Force (QAAF) (2007)
Military service age and obligation
18 years of age for voluntary military service; no conscription (2008)
Manpower available for military service
males age 16-49: 320,383
females age 16-49: 167,475 (2008 est.)
Manpower fit for military service
Definition - World rank and map
males age 16-49: 258,159
females age 16-49: 143,999 (2008 est.)
Manpower reaching militarily significant age annually
males age 16-49: 7,539
females age 16-49: 7,022 (2008 est.)
Military expenditures - percent of GDP
Definition - World rank and map
10% (2005 est.)
Disputes - international
Trafficking in persons
current situation: Qatar is a destination country for men and women from South and Southeast Asia who migrate willingly, but are subsequently trafficked into involuntary servitude as domestic workers and laborers, and, to a lesser extent, commercial sexual exploitation; the most common offense was forcing workers to accept worse contract terms than those under which they were recruited; other conditions include bonded labor, withholding of pay, restrictions on movement, arbitrary detention, and physical, mental, and sexual abuse
tier rating: Tier 3 - Qatar failed, for the second consecutive year, to enforce criminal laws against traffickers, or to provide an effective mechanism to identify and protect victims; it continues to detain and deport victims rather than providing them protection; the government made little progress to increase prosecutions for trafficking in a meaningful way in 2007; workers complaining of working conditions or non-payment of wages were sometimes penalized (2008)

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