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Military & Transnational Issues

Flag of Comoros
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Comoros Page

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Military branches
National Development Army (AND): Comoran Security Force; Comoran Federal Police (2008)
Manpower available for military service
males age 16-49: 167,850
females age 16-49: 167,362 (2008 est.)
Manpower fit for military service
Definition - World rank and map
males age 16-49: 121,550
females age 16-49: 131,015 (2008 est.)
Military expenditures - percent of GDP
Definition - World rank and map
2.8% (2006)
Disputes - international
claims French-administered Mayotte and challenges France's and Madagascar's claims to Banc du Geyser, a drying reef in the Mozambique Channel; in May 2008, African Union forces are called in to assist the Comoros military recapture Anjouan Island from rebels who seized it in 2001

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