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British Indian Ocean Territory:

Flag of British Indian Ocean Territory
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British Indian Ocean Territory Page

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Geography, People, Economy, Communications & Transportation, Military & Transnational Issues.
Country name
conventional long form: British Indian Ocean Territory
conventional short form: none
abbreviation: BIOT
Dependency status
overseas territory of the UK; administered by a commissioner, resident in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London
Legal system
the laws of the UK, where applicable, apply
Executive branch
chief of state: Queen ELIZABETH II (since 6 February 1952)
head of government: Commissioner Leigh TURNER (since July 2006); Administrator Tony HUMPHRIES (since February 2005); note - both reside in the UK and are represented by the officer commanding British Forces on Diego Garcia
cabinet: NA
elections: none; the monarch is hereditary; commissioner and administrator appointed by the monarch
Diplomatic representation in the US
none (overseas territory of the UK)
Diplomatic representation from the US
none (overseas territory of the UK)
Flag description
white with six blue wavy horizontal stripes; the flag of the UK is in the upper hoist-side quadrant; the striped section bears a palm tree and yellow crown centered on the outer half of the flag

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