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Place names on this map tile
(central portion only, not including overlapping areas on neighboring tiles)

Countries, territories, states, and provinces:
   New Brunswick
   New Hampshire
   Newfoundland and Labrador
   United States

Cities and towns:
   Cape Dorset
   Coral Harbour
   Fort Severn
   North Bay
   Quebec City
   Repulse Bay
   Sault Sainte Marie
   Thunder Bay

Physical features:
   Air Force Island
   Akimiski Island
   Akpatok Island
   Albany River
   Amadjuak Lake
   Attawapiskat River
   Belcher Islands
   Big Island
   Big Trout Lake
   Cabonga Reservoir
   Caniapiscau Reservoir
   Caniapiscau River
   Cape Henrietta Maria
   Charles Island
   Charlton Island
   Clearwater Lakes
   Coats Island
   Eastmain River
   Foxe Basin
   Foxe Channel
   Foxe Peninsula
   Georgian Bay
   Gouin Reservoir
   Great Whale River
   Hudson Bay
   Hudson Strait
   Isle Royale
   James Bay
   King George Islands
   Koksoak River
   La Grande Reservoirs
   La Grande River
   Labrador Peninsula
   Lake Abitibi
   Lake Bienville
   Lake Evans
   Lake Huron
   Lake Michigan
   Lake Minto
   Lake Mistassini
   Lake Nipigon
   Lake Nipissing
   Lake Saint John
   Lake Superior
   Laurentian Mountains
   Leaf River
   Manicouagan Reservoir
   Manicouagan River
   Mansel Island
   Mattagami River
   Meta Incognita Peninsula
   Mill Island
   Nettilling Lake
   Notre Dame Mountains
   Nottaway River
   Nottingham Island
   Ottawa Islands
   Ottawa River
   Péribonka River
   Prince Charles Island
   Roes Welcome Sound
   Rupert River
   Saint John River
   Saint Lawrence River
   Salisbury Island
   Severn River
   Sleepers Islands
   Smith Island
   Southampton Island
   Ungava Bay
   Ungava Peninsula
   Upper Peninsula
   Vansittart Island
   Wager Bay
   White Island
   Wisconsin River

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