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Physical World Atlas

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Place names on this map tile
(central portion only, not including overlapping areas on neighboring tiles)

Countries, territories, states, and provinces:

Cities and towns:
   Belushya Guba

Physical features:
   Alexandra Land
   Arthur Island
   Barents Sea
   Baydarata Bay
   Chesha Bay
   Dolgy Island
   Eva Island
   Fram Basin
   Franz Josef Land
   Gakkel Ridge
   George Land
   Graham Bell Island
   Hall Island
   Hooker Island
   Jackson Island
   Kanin Peninsula
   Kara Sea
   Kara Strait
   Khaypudyr Bay
   Kolguyev Island
   La Ronciere Island
   McClintock Island
   Mezhdusharsky Island
   Nansen Basin
   New Land (Novaya Zemlya)
   Northbrook Island
   Novaya Zemlya Trough
   Pechora Bay
   Pechora Sea
   Rudolf Island
   Salisbury Island
   Salm Island
   Vaygach Island
   Wilczek Land

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