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Physical World Atlas

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continents, regions, countries, Canadian provinces, U.S. states, and U.S. cities

Place names on this map tile
(central portion only, not including overlapping areas on neighboring tiles)

Countries, territories, states, and provinces:

Cities and towns:
   Arctic Bay
   Clyde River
   Grise Fiord
   Pond Inlet

Physical features:
   Admiralty Inlet
   Air Force Island
   Archer Fiord
   Axel Heiberg Island
   Baffin Island
   Baumann Fiord
   Bay Fiord
   Bernier Bay
   Bray Island
   British Empire Range
   Brodeur Peninsula
   Bylot Island
   Coburg Island
   Committee Bay
   Devon Island
   Eclipse Sound
   Ellesmere Island
   Fosheim Peninsula
   Greely Fiord
   Gulf of Boothia
   Jones Sound
   Kane Basin
   Lake Hazen
   Lancaster Sound
   Lomonosov Ridge
   Makinson Inlet
   Melville Peninsula
   Nansen Sound
   Nares Strait
   Northumberland Island
   Norwegian Bay
   Prince Charles Island
   Prince Regent Inlet
   Queen Elizabeth Islands
   Rowley Island
   Smith Bay
   Spicer Islands
   United States Range
   Wales Island
   Yelverton Inlet

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