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Physical World Atlas

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Place names on this map tile
(central portion only, not including overlapping areas on neighboring tiles)

Countries, territories, states, and provinces:
   Northwest Territories

Cities and towns:
   Cambridge Bay
   Gjoa Haven

Physical features:
   Alpha Ridge
   Amund Ringnes Island
   Axel Heiberg Island
   Barrow Strait
   Bathurst Inlet
   Bathurst Island
   Boothia Peninsula
   Borden Island
   Byam Martin Island
   Cameron Island
   Chantrey Inlet
   Cornwall Island
   Cornwallis Island
   Coronation Gulf
   Dease Strait
   Devon Island
   Dundas Peninsula
   Ellef Ringnes Island
   Emerald Isle
   Franklin Strait
   Gateshead Island
   Graham Island
   Grinnell Peninsula
   Gulf of Boothia
   Hadley Bay
   Hassel Sound
   Kent Peninsula
   King Christian Island
   King William Island
   Larsen Sound
   Lougheed Island
   Lowther Island
   M’Clintock Channel
   Mackenzie King Island
   Massey Sound
   Meighen Island
   Melville Island
   Nansen Sound
   Norwegian Bay
   Peel Sound
   Prince Gustaf Adolf Sea
   Prince of Wales Island
   Prince Regent Inlet
   Queen Elizabeth Islands
   Queen Maud Gulf
   Russell Island
   Somerset Island
   Stefansson Island
   Storkerson Peninsula
   Sverdrup Islands
   Victoria Island
   Victoria Strait
   Viscount Melville Sound

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